Projecto Fractal uP Gaming

Published On 24 de Outubro de 2012 | By admin |

This was a project that I developed, under the theme of Grow uP Gaming, a gaming association where I played for some time, and that was the reason why I decided to do this project, which involved only the modification of a Fractal Define XL Black case courtesy of Fractal Design, the used color scheme was black and white, the same colors the association logo has.

In terms of modifications, there is a grid at the top of the box, which allows three 140mm fans, or a 420mm radiator, the Fractal fan controller was also modified,  by default it would be placed in one of the back expansion slots , after the mod it was placed in the rear of the housing without occupying unnecessarily slots.
Then various bespoke pieces were made, allowing cover the area of the source, not to see all the wiring, and even the midleplate in order to stay in tune with the other sins, then one of the things that gave more work, and gave a look brutal box was its front, consisting of several pieces laser-cut, backlit, which gave much more style to this front, and the box itself.
And how could not fail to be a box with a good dose of modifications must have a window in acrylic to be able to see all the work done inside, here we used a simple cut, with gray acrylic transparent, it commonly called acrylic “smoked”, then also with the letters of the logo uP at the end as you can see, everything was beautiful mounted.

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